Hi! I'm Ai Sakura. If you find my name familiar, you probably know me from Sakura Haruka, my Singapore Parenting & Lifestyle blog where I share more on my personal life and how my different passions can exist in a family setting.  

I started RED SHIBUI to write more in-depth about one of my interests - tattoos and ink culture. Many people are still prejudiced against tattoos and have some misguided connotations about them. For one, not all tattooed folks are criminals or bad guys.

Some people are still not able to accept tattoos, and I respect that. But please, tattooed folks deserve respect for their choices too. And over here, I hope to create a place for tattoo enthusiasts to gather, as well as provide more information, reviews, interviews about any and everything on tattoos and ink culture here in Singapore, and possibly around the world too.

RED SHIBUI is not about encouraging you to get a tattoo. However, it is about encouraging you to learn more about tattoos, and respecting them as an art form.

And yes, in case you're wondering, I do have tattoos and are very proud of them. Each piece marks a milestone and tells a story in my life. Stay tuned and I might tell you more about them.